Galleon Resort and Marina

Guest Authorization

I, [Owner Name:] _______________________________________________________ authorize the following individuals to occupy Unit __________ for Week _________, arriving on ___________________________.

Guest Names:

Primary (Reservation will be under this name): _______________________________________________________






Guest Address: _______________________________________________________


Cell Phone: __________________________________________________________

Guest email address: __________________________________________________

A Guest Reservation Confirmation will be sent to the email address provided

NOTE: All fees must be current for this guest authorization to be accepted. Owner is responsible for any and all damages to the above listed unit that occur during the specified period. Any and all charges will be applied against the Owner’s Galleon Condominium Association Homeowner’s Account and will be subject to late and administrative fees if the balance is not paid within thirty (30) days from the date of the charge.

I understand that if I am renting my unit that I am responsible for all state and local taxes related to the rental of my unit.

Owner’s Signature required: ____________________________________________________________________

Unit Maximums: Efficiency B Unit/2 people, One Bedroom/4 people, Two Bedroom/6 people and Two Bedroom with loft/8 people.

Fax to 305-296-0821 or email to [email protected]